Frequently Asked Questions

These are common questions we often receive

How does the site work? 
  • Under normal circumstances, you can search for restaurants (we call them spots), save your favorites, and communicate with each spot to get more info in order to book your event.  
  • During Covid you can either book spaces for the future OR use the catering at home and delivery option info to plan your at-home event. 
  • We also have event resources such as tabletop options for your at-home celebrations and once you settle what you want your party to look like, you can add on your food from our list of spots for the perfect party. 

How does communication work?  
  • When you fill out the inquiry form with your event details, you’ll be able to contact the spots you are interested in. -Your inquiry will go to the events contact at the restaurant (spot) and you can get more info on date availability and pricing. 
  • If you need help and they aren’t getting back to you, a representative from The Social Arena will jump in and help move things along so you can book your perfect party! 
  • For tabletop and event resources your inquiry will go to The Social Arena reps and we can help get you what you need. 

What do I do if the restaurant is not responding to my inquiry? 
  • If a restaurant is taking a long time to reply,we give them a nudge on your behalf. You are also welcome to email, and we will make sure you get an answer in a timely manner. 

What if I have to cancel my event? 
  • Communicate cancellations or other changes directly with the restaurant. As with any restaurant, the deposit is often non-refundable since they are holding the date and turning away other customers for that date. 

If your question is not addressed below, reach out to us at