Hailing from New York, Nicole has a background in business and design, having received an Associate's Degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Boston College. She spent eight years working in luxury fashion buying before turning to the event industry, when she started working for the renowned Mindy Weiss -- and eventually founded her own LA-based company, Green Ribbon Parties. As a go-to expert on all things event-related, she noticed one question that would repeatedly come up from her friends and clients: what restaurants she'd suggest for private gatherings, whether it be for a rehearsal dinner, baby shower, or corporate event. After countless hours spent researching individual restaurants (and their private event capabilities), it dawned on Nicole that in such an increasingly streamlined world, there should be an easier, more centralized resource for people to find and book such events -- and thus, the idea for the company was born. The name The Social Arena is not only a playful nod on Nicole's last name, but also the differentiating factor in what we do. As a planner for almost a decade, Nicole personally vets each spot with her unique point of view to ensure that users will feel like they are being guided by an expert with a nod to delicious food, amazing design and excellent service. As the site grows, we hope that it will serve as an invaluable resource for those who share her belief that gathering for a meal -- and a good party -- is one of life's greatest pleasures.