We believe that coming together for a meal is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you’re planning a birthday dinner, anniversary party or work gathering, The Social Arena is there to guide you. The Social Arena creates an all-inclusive, stylish and sophisticated event experience with the ease of a few clicks. Featuring a selection of carefully chosen restaurants, private rooms, and venues across the city, we offer users the opportunity to get a peek inside each space through the eyes of an event professional complete with space details and planner tips.

You might've noticed that recently there has been a shift in spending. We're now in an experiential economy: one where people think less about material things and more about connectivity, authenticity and community. There is no greater symbol of this than sharing a meal and hosting an event. The Social Arena will aid in the facilitation of these experiences ensuring a memorable event through our careful curation and superior service because the most important aspect of an event is how it makes people feel.

Our goal is to help both individuals and businesses create event experiences and connect people with the right spaces to host everything from meetings to celebrations. The Social Arena streamlines the booking process for social and corporate events and serves as a resource for anyone looking to book private spaces.